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Un dino meri summer vacation thi aur papa office tour par gaye hue the. Us subah naresh chacha hamse milane ghar par aaye unhe dekh kar mummy bahut ho gayi the me samaj gaya tha ki aaj mummy chacha se chudegi. Me drawing room me tv dekh raha tha wahi ak bada dressing mirror laga hua tha jis se meai kitchen ko dekh sakta tha. Mummy boli”mai chay bana kar lati hu”“babhi mai aapki help karta hu” ye kahkar chacha bi kitchen me chale gaye. Mane mirror se dekha ki wo mummy ke saath khade hokar. He takes off his shirt, then his trousers until he was just in his underwear, he did t wear tight underwear like me, his was baggy but his bulge still came through. She looks at both of us and says who should I suck first. I was so horny that I say, "you blow me, I'll blow him" I've always been so curious so I thought I might as well have a go, the mom was surprised by this but the son was smiling. He sits next to me and takes my hand he opens the top of his shorts and puts my hand inside I. The owner met us in the drive way, showed us around, and then left for work. Jase and I went upstairs to the master bathroom and quickly removed the toilet and took it outside. I went back up to clean the wax ring off (ickk!) and he went to the supply house to pick up the new toilet. The wax came off quickly, and I was left with nothing to do. I wondered out to the master and started nosing around. I opened up a few dresser drawers, checked out the old ladies panties. Then I went to the. This is your house. You got my attention when you reached into the cabinet. Your ass looks real good in pantyhose. Hell, you look great in them all the way down to your toes.” I blushed which made him smile. “What are you thinking?” he asked. I replied back “I guess you like pantyhose then?” “Nah, I don’t like them. I love them.”I locked eyes on his left hand for a second. “Guess you noticed my ring. I’m in the middle of a divorce. After we got married the bitch lost interest in sex and it got.

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