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These had steep sloped, and often badly eroded, sides, and were a bugger to cross without a bit of practice and a certain expertise. There were also a...eas of rocky out-crops mixed with areas of soft sand; quite a challenge from what we were used to on the training areas of Europe. Jetex, my APC driver, was equal to any challenge that the terrain made on his driving skills; he never put a foot wrong and we never got bogged down, or threw a track, whilst on the exercise.The first week passed in a. One ran into the ocean so his hard on would settle down. Mine was full on and I had to walk like that for a while longer. Bonnie said how great and amazing it felt and she wanted more action as soon as possible. I looked around but could not see anyone else around that may show interest. We walked for another ten minutes and then up into the sand dunes when we heard a voice say, "Wait for us." The two guys turned up behind us. They told their wives to go back to the rooms as they were going for. The teachers were worried, the children were restless and – most notable – Sam was kept at home. Rumor had it that Sam’s father – whose name was John – was thinking about moving Sam to another, more protected child care facility. The thought of Sam having to move made me sad, along with a lot of other confusing feelings of helplessness and even anger. I didn’t really mean to tell my friends anything about what had happened, but by Thursday evening I was close to bursting from the sheer pressure. "Yeah, do it Mol." Zach urged his twin sister. He was finding this very amusing."Okay fine." Molly said rolling her eyes. It wasn't such a big deal anyway. She reached behind her back, untying her bikini top, then grabbed the front and pulled it off, revealing her nice perky B cups. She tossed her bikini aside, then slipped her fingers into her bottoms, and pulled them down, exposing her vagina to her siblings, watching her little brother's penis harden as he looked at her hair covered mound..

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