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I blew each of my girls a kiss on the way out. Cee and Katie had been home any number of times when I wasn’t around. Even so, I sensed a different...kind of energy between them as I left. My guess is that they would “process” what had happened that morning the way women would. I know enough to know this means they were clarifying the rules and making sure no one’s feelings were being hurt. This was a conversation that wouldn’t happen if I were around. After what passed as ordinary small. Not interruptive enough, the knocks were repeated even louder. More knocks were needed plus the combined efforts of Ayphera and Esthera to pull Roban and Kassja apart, finally. Kassja’s skin was flushed from her face down to her rapidly heaving bosom, and Roban’s groan was a repetition of its earlier expressed frustration.Kassja straightened her askew décolleté and smoothed some wrinkles on her elegant, but clingy deep-red gown. Poise and dignity reestablished, she noisily cleared her. She became impatient and grabbed my head and inserted her pussy into my mouth.I started to lick her pussy lips and fucked her with my tongue. She was enjoying like hell and started to talk bad words and satisfied herself. Then I continued playing with her body kissing and biting her in all places.We both became nude and she took my big cock and bulging cock inside her mouth. Sucking my cock for some time, she put a condom it and started to suck it again.She laid on the bed by separating her. Yet. "Aah...I wanted to apologize for the interruption earlier at the party" she looked apologetic, but unlike Alexa, Nicole is a real actor and she can manipulate her face according to her wishes."Did you fuck?" I asked. "What?" "Did you and Joe have sex?" I could now see her facial expression changing. "Owen you do not have right to ask me that, not after what you were doing to Whitney. Minors". "What she was doing to me you mean? Btw don't tell mom and dad, where are they anyway?" "They.

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