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"Jerry thought about what his daughter was requesting. Even though his son came home a couple times a year, the meetings were always tense. Andy left ...ome for college and never came back. He and his dad never seemed to be able to see eye to eye on a number of subjects. Jerry wanted his son to go to law school, but he choose the computer field instead.Liz came into the breakfast nook carrying a tray of food. She placed a platter of pancakes on the table and sat down."What are you two talking. As I climbed up the steps to the porch I could see in the bedroom that Bart and Jane were in the front bedroom, sitting on the bed kissing. Bart began to undress Jane as he kissed her and I could see that she was not wearing a bra as he removed her blouse. He moved his head down to kiss her tit and Jane reclined onto the bed. Jane was wearing short shorts, and Bart began to removed those. Then he started to kiss her tits again and moved down to her belly button and on down and kissed her. He dropped his pants and lubed his short thick dick and shoved it between Sammy’s legs. He grunted twice and came between her sexy thighs. “Fuck dude that was quick,” I laughed. “Cut me some slack asshole, those are the first tits I’ve seen up close and personal in twenty years,” David gasped. Ted pushed Sammy’s face away from his hard cock and stood up. He dropped his pants and underwear to the floor. He grabbed Dave’s condom and rolled it onto his throbbing cock. He ripped Sammy’s thong. Go to him? Why don't you just say it? You have sex with him - you go to let him fuck you." "Do you want me to say that, to tell you in those words?" "I want you to tell me why! Why can't you tell me what you need instead of going to another man? What does he do for you that I can't? Just tell me what you want - I'll do it - anything, anything at all!" She sighed, then trailed her fingertips over his belly, finding his spent erection and working it gently between her fingers. "Are you sure you.

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