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I told him thanks, or something then grabbed my stuff and headed to the showers. Just a couple of minutes later Steve was in the showers two, there wa... no one else around, and he leaned over and quietly said, "I'm pretty sure I could deep throat you!"It's amazing the thoughts that can go through your head and how quickly they can pass through. The first thought was, no one had ever deep throated me, the second thought was fuck, this is a dude, the third thought was, we might get caught.I. "I am magicallybound to understand any language, but what does this one mean?"I turned and stared at the walls. "You can't read this graffiti?"The ghostly torso turned to me again, and I averted my eyes when hisflashed like tiny suns."Of course I can! I know this trick! Solving my own puzzles for dumbprincesses and uncouth high priests... I will not read it for you sothat you can repeat after me! Read it yourself! And explain me themeaning!"Again, Dajinni had that vengeful-teacher-tone in his. We both lay there for about 10 minutes. I checked the time and it was 09:45 pm and I told she and I love you so much and I wanted to do this forever with you. I kissed her a lot even after fucking her. My dick was looking so big. I never felt so big in my life forever. She asked me that she wanted to suck my dick. I felt surprised by that because I thought no lady wants to suck a dick of a man. She was looking at my face for the answer and without any doubt I said ok and sat on the edge of the. Within half an hour everyone was feelin good and starting to loosen up a bit "how long will ya man and Tom be" I asked ange she rang her man and apparently they were gettin fucked around so they would be a while still , I didn't give a fuck I was happy sittin here talking shit for the time being. "come on " ange said as she got up "come in the lounge and listen to some tunes" I quickly followed as she led us towards the back of the house and into a big open lounge room, I sat on the couch and.

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