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They all heard it. He reached down and pumped his rod fast while she suckled his fat red cockhead. When he was about to cum he yanked her head off his...cock and pushed her lower, into position. She looked up at him, deeply into his eyes with a lust I had never seen before as he reached his ultimate pleasure and ejaculated all over her face. It shot out in thick white ropes of cum, jetting up into her hair, her eyes, nose, cheeks, lips and tongue. She accepted it all without complaint. I noticed. “If one is in pain, it makes easier. For those who do not eat well, it makes hunger. For those who sleep poorly, it can make sleep. In evening it may be used to make ease in mind from trouble of day. Do you know it?”Oh, I know it all right. I saw plenty of it in college, and not a little since.Cannabis. Mari-fucking-juana.I ask him where he found it and get the answer I’d pretty much expected. There were a whole bunch of plants all together in a small clearing, he says; he knows where they are. I sighed, placing one foot up on the ledge where the toilet seat sat and leaned back against the wall, I moaned softly, and circled my clit with a finger, reveling in the feel of it, and knowing I needed more. I slid a finger back into my pussy, reaching for my g-spot. God I wished I had my vibrator with me.‘Bing BING!’ a light popped on in the little lavatory. ‘Bing BING!’. I groaned, the seatbelt sign was on, and the captain was on the overhead, commenting on the turbulence, would we all. He wore traditional Malay dress, of a loose tunic called a baju melayu, and a sarong, called a sampin, around his hips.“Ladies, what do we do next? Sure, I have the Domme look, but it just hit me I’m really not very up on the lifestyle. Molly Anne, you probably have a better idea on how to dominate. Hell, Rachel, you probably are the sort of experienced submissive who can guide a new Domme.Rachel smiled. “Thank you ... ma’am.” She dropped her voice so only the other two could hear. “At this.

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