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When he was ready to cum, I felt him gripping with his hands, his cock throbbing in my throat i looked up at him and slid off entirely, exposing the p...rple head of his cock to the cold air.He glared at me, gripping my hair and pushed me down. I grinned up at him and saw, I had achieved what I wanted. He had lost his calm self discipline. I made him frustrated, needy and ready as he had done to me. I gripped his balls in my hand firmly and stroked him with my lips fast and firmly. I felt his. It also had a slightly euphoric effect, a little like alcohol, reducing inhibitions. Finally it was an amnesic, which meant that it completely wipes the memory of those who inhale it, so that for the period of their exposure, they would have absolutely no idea what had happened to them. The final fuck you, was that the gas would negate any contraceptive pill. It couldn’t overcome surgical contraception or an IUD, but if a woman was on the pill, injections or the implant, the gas would negate. I laid back and my legs started rubbingher legs as well. I found myself gripping the sheets of the bed as shetook turns on each nipple. Then she started kissing and licking as shedisappeared under the sheets. I felt her hold my cock as her warm mouthtook hold of it. She started sucking me slowly and then faster. Workingher mouth on me as I quickly felt myself about to explode. I felt herhand begin to tease my whole and then I exploded with one of the bestreleases I have had in a long time. She. "He shot his wad of sticky juice into his new lover. She could feel it hit the back of her cunt. She kept coming even as he pulled out. Their mutual creams dribbled out of her freshly shaven pussy. She'd had the best fuck ever, in her opinion. Nothing like young stud fucking to bring out the best in a MILF.They were both exhausted for the day. They were reveling in this new discovery they found together. It was time for Jimmy to go home to his parents. He got cleaned up and kissed Jenny.

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