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"I wasn't aware this would happen." WELL IT DID!" cried his sister. "My husband will know instantly that I've been untrue to him, and that our daughte... is soiled!" Come home with me," said Gepetto, for lack of a better idea. "Leave him a note that says you've gone to visit our parents." They're dead and buried, you fool!" she moaned."A friend, then, from your childhood," said Gepetto."Very well," she snorted. "But you must find some way to undo this!" I will, I will," said Gepetto, having no. "I had a good dream recently," he began, "Want to hear it?" What kind of dream?" she asked, already knowing the answer."An erotic dream," he smiled. He was never good at dirty talk."Sure," she answered with suspicion.He laid out the scene. They'd just had a fight and she'd stormed out of the house. He followed after her to see the setting had changed. Aileen was across the street facing what appeared to be a huge, glassless storefront window. She was wearing a tight, black, short-sleeve. He just asked me to cooperate as these guys are only for night duty. They change early in the morning.I just nodded and said that I would do as he said. Hearing this, he left the compartment and closed the door.After that, about 10 minutes later, the door opened, all 4 came inside other than my husband. They opened my blindfold and handcuffs. They gave me my clothes and asked me to wear them. I did as I was told. Then they asked me to apply dark lipstick. I did that too.Then one of the. ‘What’s up with you?’ ‘I really did hurt your back you’re bleeding.’ He could barely get the words out in his shame at least it wasn’t too bad. It was really just two or three spots where the knots in the tree bark had broken open her skin. ‘I’m sorry.’ He gently turned her around to face him. He refused to look her in the eyes and, didn’t look up until she put her hand under his chin and laughed. ‘You look like a scolded child. So how bad is it?’ He couldn’t hold back his laughter as she.

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