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" I'm calling the doctor," said Kari as she picked up the phone."Kari, no, please," I said, both a little embarrassed that I would haveto tell the doc...or I'd shrunk a little and not wanting to spend abeautiful summer day in a doctor's office. "Come on, let's havebreakfast and relax. I'm sure I'm fine. If anything else happens, we cancall then, ok?"Kari seemed to understand my feelings immediately (maybe those hormonesmaking her so empathetic) and she put down the phone and patted my face."Ok,. Damien was trained from an early age in a militaristic environment by his father, and not only him as his base of operations was close to their home, most of the time entire units that were stationed there from time to time during different OPs, spend their time around Damien’s home, Army Rangers, Navy SEALs, Marine RECON, he spend time with all of them, learning in bit by bit from each one, as if that wasn’t enough, his mother, Evelynn, was the headmaster of the most prestigious school in the. I will make you both cum at the same time!”Kelly leaned over and took my cock into her mouth and started giving me head. I knew I wouldn’t last very long and I slowed her down some. She lifted her head and said “Don’t you want me doing this?” I told her that any other night, I would be in heaven, but I wanted to fuck her so bad!” She jumped up and took her t-shirt off and wiggled her ass and said “Here I am! Well fucked and ready for you now!” When I slid my cock into her, I could feel. "We'll just talk for now."I felt her foot sliding up the inside of my calf as she said, "Really? Are you sure you just want to talk? I wouldn't have a problem taking out your lovely hard cock and sucking you off while everyone here watched." Her foot had traveled up my leg and finally pressed into my hardening member. I whimpered softly as her toes groped at me. She smiled seductively.I reached down and took a hold of her soft yet strong foot. I held it there for a moment because it did feel.

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