And for some reason, the second the light caught his sensitive eyes he became transfixed. He stopped, and began towards it, climbing up the steep rock...face without the same care he showed the much less vertical path before.As he came close, there was an opening in the rocks. A cave mouth around 10 foot tall with a beautiful sapphire gemstone standing guard in the centre of the highest point. Arin swore he had never seen it before, but for some reason the new opening didn't strike him as odd.. Vanessa loved how it felt. Ash started a fire and then brought her a glass of red wine. She thanked him and took the glass. ‘ You look tense. Let me give you a massage. You’ll need to take off your sweater for it to work properly.’ Vanessa absolutely could not believe this was happening. She was so thrilled. Vanessa hesitantly peeled off her sweater and waited. He then stood behind her and slowly started rubbing her shoulders. It felt heavenly. Ash then whispered in her ear, ‘ Would you care. “How about you?” Her voice was quiet and soft, and somehow hearing her talk made her seem younger than my initial estimation. I revised my guess a bit lower, maybe 17, 18? I was hoping for the latter, at least.“I’m from Boston,” I answered. “I had to fly down to catch this cruise -- I’m guessing you drove down?”She nodded. “I did -- well, we did, actually my dad drove.”We chatted for a few minutes. I learned that she was here with her family, they had a couple of balcony cabins a few decks. “You still have that jar of salve I gave you?” Again, she nodded. “Good, you will make sure you take it to work tomorrow. And it will be a no panties day and wear a dress or a skirt? Clear so far?” Another nod.“At some suitable time during the day you will go to the ladies again to apply the salve but this time you will ask Marie to go with you to help. Make sure you use a cubicle. Being found by one person is bad enough. You will ask Marie to help apply the salve. If she is ok with that then.

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