There was a women behind the counter, probably mid thirties but dressed like she was a 60's dolly bird. Tight top, mini skirt, white waistcoat and kne... boots complete with a white cap. "Hello, I am Alan and I have come for a job interview" I said. "Oh I see, a job interview" she said with a knowing smile. "You had better go through to the back then, first on the right." I went around the counter and through to the back. Just as I was about to knock on the door she added "Good luck, I expect I. I came over to meet her." Jill said."Jill, this is my new friend Alice, she's going to be staying with me from now on. Alice, this is my dear friend and love Jill. She is very dear to my heart." Susan said.Alice stood up and smiled at Jill. Jill extended her hand and Alice took it ... and kissed it."Like this Alice. Take your right hand and place it in hers like this. Squeeze just enough that it shows someone that you are pleased to meet them, but not enough to hurt their hand." Susan. . more like nag me. It took all my control to not hang up on her as she went on and on at me about bills, work, relationships. She had to know every detail of my life before she was satisfied. "Mmhm," I muttered, "Yep, I understand you're worried... I've just been... busy at work."She was flapping again- if she had it her way I'd still be living at home, even though I'm almost twenty five. "Yes ok! I'll ring you soon. Bye" I put the phone down on the table next to my sun lounger. It was so nice. I mean, I know he was your father dear, and you must idealize him, but he was doing some rather nasty things. Sandy would leave papers hanging about. I remember those huge eyes, staring at me when I told her how Roper really made money. I mean, how your dad made money. You know, I'm sure, the weapons, the drugs. I mean flogging these super modern guns to Wogs, for god's sake. I was in a great snit, and just poured it all out to her, and I know she talked to Roper, your dad dear, because I.

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