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And our games.’ ‘I have something I need you to make me tell you, Julie.’ ‘Go deeper and be honest.’ ‘Ooh, thank you, Mistress. My suggest...on was only to remove your clothes without thinking and be comfortable when I did the same. The game was to see how long until you noticed. I never commanded you to get aroused or focus on my cock, that’s all you. I love you with all my heart, Julie…Mistress. I could never command you to have sex with me. I never even thought about you like that until I was. He knew the other guys were working just as hard. This had to be perfect.It was the next morning. Jodi was surprised to have all the boys drop their papers off for her to grade before the first 7:00. They must have been the first students at school that day. She smiled as she looked over their papers. They were the best written pieces that she had read that year. It really did her ego well to read five such heartfelt pieces on why they wanted to fuck her. School was finally out for the. The young girl seemed to want to stick with me today, so I got determined to put her devotion to a test and see how deep she would let herself be degraded. I’m not a cruel, sadistic domme, so I may not have the best track record of really breaking someone, but I like to play with humiliation, to see how far a sub’s mind can be bent down. So, if you expect corporal punishment and violence, you might want to go to a different mistress; I’m a lover, not a fighter.We got dressed. I put on a really. She screamed and bucked as tears streamed down her cheeks, her flesh singed by liquid fire. Her nipples ached to the clamp and her skin begged for cool relief, but the crowd was driven by her pain and desperation and craved further abuse of the slave. An electric wand found her clit and the cock continued to ream her stretched ass while the other’s hands pinched and prodded her body in a frenzy. The wand placed on the metal clamps heated her tits with an electric surge. She whimpered and begged.

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