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I nodded to myself in satisfaction and went down to breakfast, carefully putting a do-not-disturb sign on the knob; if housekeeping came in they might...upset my hard-achieved balance of the printer. I could dispense with their services for the day.After breakfast the printer head first needed cleaning; I used the Q-tips to apply the acetone carefully. After another calibration reset and a careful check with the spirit level—no adjustment needed—I set the printer to work on the second big piece,. Claire and tom left me alone in Sarah's room. I sat down on the bed andlooked at myself in the mirror. I really do look like a sexy girl, I can'tbelieve it. Well, maybe I can. I always knew I kinda look like a girl, Ikinda knew that with make up I would look hot. But I was never interestedin putting on make up or especially dressing up as girl. Like I said, Ican't say that I love it, but it is interesting. It's a strange feeling,not looking like myself. I cross my legs. They look amazing, I. Then I acted as innocent avoided her, but finally I took the advantage ,I too hugged her tightly ,then started pressing her navel and then her buttocks, I keep on pressing both navel and her buttocks ,they are smooth and we kissed together for 15 mins, I removed her saree and then I came from behind and started pressing her navel ,as I am expert in foreplay I started foreplay, I keep on pressing her navel and licking her neck from behind and pressing her navel hardly and pushing my dick from. We went straight for the exit to get some water. After refreshing our selves in the restrooms, we headed straight back for our hotels. We have been lucky and should be thankful that we escaped alive, which is quite extraordinary. The rest of the day I slept, just to come to my senses again. Tomorrow will be a long day as we have to fly home again. The next morning I woke up and enjoyed breakfast as never before. I said good bye to my companions in distress, checked out of the hotel and went for.

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