” “This better be good good, young miss.” “Yea, well, you see, I’d kinda forgotten I’d to come here today so I woke up late and then I h...d to rush to get here and I didn’t have time for my morning wake-up wank so I was kinda horny when I got here and then your wife told me to do the laundry and I was sorting it and I saw your underwear and that made me randier but I stopped myself....” The girl paused and took a pause deep breath while looking up to him with big, blue puppy eyes. He felt his. Shit, it was worth a try.Remembering where he worked was easy, it was what he was born to do. Standing tall and looking good, in basically anything he wore. Private security was the job that made him happy, he got to mingle with the rich and famous, clubs, holidays, a life without worry really. Would he remember me ? The redhead from his past, the woman that made him think hard about his career, whether going overseas was the best thing for him. He did get in touch before he left the. . this is nice Ann. I'm getting very horny again, why don't you go and get the strap-on?" I leaned forward and brushed my tits across her back and said, "How about I get you the real thing Lena, what do you say?" Lena hesitated for a moment and then murmured, "OK then, if you're sure about it, then alright."I said,"That's my horny little girl."I climbed off of her leaving her to doze while I padded down the stairs stark naked. Alan looked up and said, "Is she OK, you want me now?" I nodded and. This chapter is totally focused on non-consensual flogging.Chapter Five: Slave missy’s third day of punishment. She is once again subject to a spanking, this time by the head of a private girls’ reformatory. Before her spanking, several of the young women from the reformatory also receive public punishment. This is a spanking chapter with bare hand, slipper, paddle, and leather belt.Chapter Six: The fourth day. On this day of punishment, she is caned... by a robot, or more accurately, by a.

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