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The front buttoned at the top of that nice little bulge of tummy and she never needed a belt, they were that tight. Almost painted on. The perfect blu... denim tummy was sensual enough to make me gasp, but it swept smoothly into a picture perfect pubic mound. And the mound lead into a split of pussy lips sculpted by the denim into beckoning guides for my eyes. They look soft and touchable and I dreamt about them sometimes. Her firm thighs are bound into taut curves like the Greek statues I ogled. I kiss him gently and lean back up on my knees happily. I place my hands back on the elastic not looking for him to stop me as I slowly, delicately lower his boxers. I gasp inaudibly at the sheer size of the cock in front of me. I lick my lips again as I move closer to him taking only the head into my mouth and sucking lightly. I slowly start to suck harder. I remove it from my mouth and begin slowly licking up and down. From the head to the balls and back and forth until the full of the cock. It was a lovely way to go to sleep having the woman I love hold me like that.Around 3:00 a.m. I awoke to find that Carrie had rolled over onto her stomach. Her naked ass was sticking up and it took all my willpower not to grab it then and there. Unfortunately I had a piss hard-on and I quietly went to the bathroom to take care of it. After I finished I went back in the bedroom and gazed over Carrie's naked backside. She certainly had a great body for a mother of two. I grabbed the lube from the. Almost 2/3 months went by like this and now we were on talking terms, just simple talk about school and friends – at that time she used to learn dancing, and she was a good dancer indeed, she used to dance on stages and functions. Now she had started showing signs of growing and I could easily see her nipples pointing out of her dress and the way she used to act while talking to me.One day she came to our house to make a telephone call, and while speaking on the phone she asked for a pen, I.

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