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He grabbed her shoulders and pushed her down to his hilt before she expected it and was fully impaled with the first downward movement. This caused Sa...a to scream softly and say “take it easy there is plenty of time”. He said he was sorry but he grabbed her hips and started his piston like action pounding her pussy. It wasn’t long before she started to moan and say “f—k me, f—k me good”. She was not giving anyone a blowjob at this time so all her concentration was on his cock in her pussy. It. None of the girls had started changing yet so I could watch the whole show. Bethany was closest to me. She was beautiful: blonde hair, brown eyes and c cup boobs. She took off her school jumper and threw it onto the bench, I could see her red bra through her top and I instantly got a hard-on. She then started unbuttoning her White school shirt. Instead of unclipping her bra she took off her skirt, it was as if she was teasing me. Her panties matched her bra which I thaught was quite . I grabbed my tie and wrapped it around her wrists tight enough to bind. I tied the other end to the bed post and made sure it would hold.I grabbed her hips and flipped her over roughly onto her hands and knees. She squirmed and tried to get away, but I grabbed her hips again, this time from behind, and pumped back into her cunt. Her pussy and ass twitched and gyrated in spasms as she tried to dislodge me. No dice. All it made me do was rape her harder. She cried and was sobbing loudly. In the mirror I admire the huge green serpent tattoo taking up most of her back. Our smack-smack-smacking will probably leave me good and red – her lithe, slender pelvis jackhammers into my balls with a punishing precision that confirms her being the best lay of the (admittedly modest amount of) eighteen girls I've laid. I realise this is maybe the greatest fuck moment in my life, as she energizer-bunnies me. Megan's arms let go from around my neck as she leans away from me. Her back arches.

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