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Now, may I continue my story or would you prefer I leave you to wonder what happened between Gepetto and the Blue Fairy?" "I am sorry," She sighed, a...ter a short pause. "You know how I worry that you will find someone prettier then I to be your plaything." "I assure you, that will never happen, Jenny, so banish that thought from your head." He paused, as if to collect his thoughts, noting how her nipples dented the material of her shift, and how her tits heaved with every breath as he. By the third time he had took me over the edge of passion, I was ready to be claimed as his, or theirs."You're a virgin?" he questioned as his finger was blocked from full entry."Yes," I groaned."You want it to stop now?" No, I want to be trained," I moaned, pushing up to try to take more of his finger into me. "I want you to be my first." I'll be your first man," he said, his finger sliding out of me, "but Barb is going to take that little obstacle from you. Right, Jeff?"I felt myself turning. His Mam answered."Is Steve in" I asked. "Oh hello Steven (i have the same name but his spelt "ph" mine with a v) "No sorry he's away for the weekend with his Dad I'm afraid" "Oh Ok Bye". To my surprise she said "No don't go, I'm glad you've called as you can give me a hand with something, Come in".Mrs Wilkinson was a very sexy looking lady, about 5ft tall, slim, short bobbed dark hair, and shapely firm legs, and as my hormonal changes had been completed I was no longer a prepubescent young boy,. Her anus was gaping wide from the earlier assault, and Mr. P. took aim at it and stuffed his cock in her ass with no mercy. It went in easily. He felt her anus tightly close upon his cock as he entered her. Within a few minutes of pumping her ass, he started grunting and spewed his load deep in her ass."Next, get some of this pussy and ass boys, take it while it's hot with my cum." he cried out loudly as he pulled himself from her asshole. His cock was quickly replaced by another cock in her.

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Aunty undressed for bath

Aunty undressed for bath

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