Kyle responded to my desperation, fucking me with greater intensity. I maintained eye contact with Miss Davis, feeling my pussy throbbing harder and h...rder on Kyle’s cock. I groaned as he started to swell inside my pussy and following four or five desperate lunges, my back arched as I clenched around his shaft tight for the third time, squeezing hard. Kyle grunted as he rammed his cock hard into me, shooting his first spurt of cum, followed an instant later by his second. My pussy relaxed and I. Let’s go to my house after work” I agreed. We cleaned ourselves up, I put my cock back in my pants, she cleaned the saliva form her mouth and chin, fixed her hijab and we casually walked back to our desks.As soon as 4 rolled around we both ran out of the office as casually as possible. I jumped into her car and we took off straight for her house. During the drive she consistently kept her had on my cock, stroking it, and squeezing it over my pants. I asked her what kind of positions she likes. I rang the doorbell and Angeline opened the door. A GND, she was dressed in a white t-shirt and red FBTs. Beneath her white t-shirt was a bright blue halter bra, the same one she was wearing when we first met. My cock erected.I said hi to Angeline’s friend, Cheryl, whom I had met on multiple occasions since Angeline and Cheryl were secondary school best friends and had known each other before they entered SAJC. I told them that I needed to use the washroom. Angeline volunteered to show me the. Now the only thing I wanted was to insert my ‘Lund’ in her ‘chute’ & give some strokes. Two or three days passed & she didn’t come to my bed. Then I thought that I should take some risk & fuck her on her bed only. So that midnight night when I touched Shalu’s chuchi, she made a little space besides her for me. I shifted besides her & started kissing her. To my amazement, she wore a night-gown without any bra. I lifted her gown to her neck. The I started kissing her lips, kissing, sucking &.

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