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Jack fancied a bit of furniture from a tree that's leaves changed colour and fell away to leave it naked and exposed in the autumn and had hard buds protruded in early spring, before morphing back to their predominant colouration. Something living.Well, spring was now on its way thanks to an ongoing online meeting. He presently found himself standing in the hallway in possession of a new source of excitement, in the shape of a small, brown parcel with a slightly faded, red maple leaf in. “You know what? There is a problem. We women cannot cure this kind of problem with our hands like you do.”I was disappointed, but what she said after that excited me. She continued, “we have another organ which we use to cure this. If you are really serious that you want my help then I can use that organ to cure you fully”By now I knew what the game was, and how it was going, but I continued to play along, “what organ is that mom?” I asked, as she slowly started circling my cockhead with two of. As I started to spend, I laid myself back on her. Mama didn't say much when I was done. She didn't seem at all sorry. She just said that I'd done fine, she kissed me and said she loved me and went and took her bath.A couple of days later, she asked me if I would like to have intercourse with her again. I told her yes, that I would, and we did it on her bed. This happened a few times over the next week or more. Early one evening, *I* asked *her* if we might have sex. It was about all I thought. She had moved into the neighborhood some years ago with her husband and their two boys. He was sort of an ass right from the start, and later became the biggest ass around when he went and cheated on Mrs. Carlson with a female fitness instructor from the local gym. He ended up moving in with her, leaving the house to his soon to be ex-wife.Now several years later, Ms. Carlson lived all alone. Their twin sons, Matt and Mitch, were a couple grades below me and had accepted scholarships to play.

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