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As she slid up and down my full length and ground into me, her language became very coarse and rasping. “My cunt is sopping wet for you. Fuck my cun... big boy. Fuck it harder, harder, much harder. Give me every bit of your big cock.”After three huge screaming orgasms she remounted me so that her ass was facing me. Watching a very good, full size 14 ass, sliding up and down your rock hard cock, while you are holding it with two hands and being repeatedly told to, “fuck my cunt big boy,” was. This is my first story I am writing. Please adjust any mistakes in my stories.Coming to story I don like to waste you are time. This incident happen before 2 years ago. I am undergo training in Bangalore for my project I have to stay in Bangalore for 6month so I take one apartment individual and stay there.One day I call my security and tell that I need a maid who are wash my cloth clean my home and make food for lunch and dinner. He tell ok sir I will arrange it soon. Then next day at evening. Now she is not living with us and I use to visit her sometime alone sometime with my wife and whenever we time we use to touch each other to get ourself charged. One day I called her and she said that she was thinking about me. I also told her that yesterday when I was having sex with my wife I was feeling that I am fucking her. I got stand up in my pant and she also told me that I am getting wet. I told her I want to make her dry. Then without wasting any time I went to her house. She was. When he finished, he always plunged harder and deeper into her than William did, but Ann was certain that her fathers seed was being wasted in her because her egg had already been fertilized by Will. She just sensed that Larrys semen would have no impact on the inevitable result, though she constantly played along, both times begging to be made pregnant by her father, asking him to put his baby into her, and saying she hoped he was lucky enough to knock up her and Natalie at the same time. As.

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