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Her mothersaid that Amanda would be home in an hour after cheerleading. My mothersaid, "How are you doing, Ms. Woods?"Ms. Woods replied, "Not bad. It ...eems you got a lot of clothes there. Itseems a bit much, but why don't we go set up in the guest room upstairs?"My mother gave a few bags to Ms. Woods and led us to a room in the backpart of the upstairs. The room didn't seem out of the ordinary with asimple bed, closet, bathroom, but had a small desk with a mirror on it.Both my mother and Ms.. Hopefully I could get some sleep.An hour later everybody else on the bus seemed to be asleep except the driver (I hoped) and myself. I watched farmland go by the dark, then shifted my gaze down to the girl next to me. As I said, somewhat chubby, but pleasant to check out under the circumstances, there was something kind of sweet about the little bulge of cleavage between her big round breasts, the roll of her tummy, her little chubby fingers with tribal-style rings on each hand, the tattoo on. Bus aapko kucch chahiye to boliye.Main dene ke liye tayar hoon “Main iske taraf pyar se dekha aur kaha – “ kahin tu alag toh soch nehin sumi, ki tujhe lene ki dena pad raha hai.”Who boli “ Nehin babu aap ko paana toh mere liya ek sapna hai.Aap kitne ache hai.”Maine puchha- “ Kya tumhe mere liye itna pyar aur bharosa hai ? “Wo boli – “ Bahut hai babu,Aap to mere liye devta hai.Aap jo bolenge main karne ke liye tayar hoon.”Phir who mere paas akar mere se lipat gayi. Main bhi pyarse isko bahon me. Donny its OK I told you Im not mad But I do need to know these things so I can help you learn about sex.Now when else do you play with your cock? Well I know this sounds stupid I explained but I know when you and grandma are in here having a poop because it takes longer than a pee.And I usually come into the bathroom as soon as either of you come out so I can smell your poop smell.I think it smells good and makes my cock hard too. My goodness you are full of surprises tonite young man.Mommys.

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Beautiful suck

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