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I gave her long hard kiss, licked her neck and opened her blows. I found her violet padded bra and unhooked her bra. She asked me “ did you liked th...s surprise my brother” ?? which made me more horny. And without wasting time I grabbed her fair white boobs and started sucking it. She was making voice aaaaa.. Yeah ammy…. Suck it… suck it hard…. Yeah…. Aaaaa…Her voice boosted me up and I gave her best suck ever. Then I removed her saari and violet panty and I found semi- shaved white pinkish. I gotsome mascara next, followed by some pink blush. Pink lipstick and glosswere then applied. I looked in the mirror and almost cried again, but Iheld it in and told Cheryl what a great job she did."Well, an artist is only as good as the canvas she has to work with,"Cheryl said and I thanked her. She probably says that to everyone, but itstill made me feel good. Mom and Jack walked over to where I was standingwith Cheryl and Mom made a fuss over how nice I looked. Even Jack said Ilooked. This blowjob also turned me fully on but I controlled my self and decided to talk to her.But she was very high at that moment but when I asked her that what has happened to her, she told me that my chacha has a small dick of 5 inches only. Moreover, he never pays attention to my body. I am always left unsatisfied! And she started crying.Then, I gave her a tight hug and in no time and we started kissing each other very passionately, our tongues were rolling out in each other’s mouth. Then, she. .she was so lost in her own thoughts that she never noticed the lycanthrope close in on her until it was too late, with one swing of his claws she was sent flying backwards, she shakily stood up but didnt have time to move away as lycanthrope had closed in on her, she was now defenceless and knew she had no chance of beating this creature, as the creature raised his claws to finish her she noticed the blade of a sword sticking straight through his stomach, the sword slowly withdrew and with.

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