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Her tongue flicked the sensitive skin between my ass and pussy. I bent forward, slipping my tongue between the swollen lips guarding her flower. Mean...hile, back out front... With every pass I made with the mower, my mind was reeling with thoughts of my sister and Erin out by the pool. I needed to stop a number of times to adjust my boner, thanks to Erin and her barely-there bikini. I hurried with the mowing in hopes I'd catch them at least making out.Fifteen minutes later, I was finished. “Speaking of them, what happened?” I asked Tracy now.“He pleaded guilty to aggravated assault. He’s to be sentenced on January 25. Likely facing two to five years in the state pen. He had priors, but not as many as you’d think. A huge poser. Yes, I made it clear that I’d testify against him and that helped sink his chances. His buddies also turned on him and he’s looking at added charges thanks to them. No honor among thieves, I suppose. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy,” my wife smirked.“So .... Every time I had this dream I woke up so horny and yet alone in bed and this morning was no exception. I had slept naked like usual and felt no urge to put on any clothes, I liked feeling free, feeling natural. I roamed comfortably around the room and even pulled open the curtains and stood on the veranda, breathing in the fresh air. Quite frankly, I didn’t give a shit if anyone saw me, I liked people looking at me. After a while I reluctantly left the veranda, switched on the T.V and sat on. He wanted her to put on his cock ring and suck him. She did that too. He asked her to fuck him, cowgirl. Penny was delighted to oblige. Paul wanted anal sex. Penny didn’t object. He said she had the hottest wettest cunt he could remember. He asked if he could cum in her pussy. She agreed.Paul took her home before his wife, Donna, would become suspicious of his late business meetings. They did it again a week later.“What can I do for you, Penny, for being so kind to me?” Paul asked.“I don’t.

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