Her finger probed at her tight little hole, and with her other hand she grasped Davy’s slick, greasy dick and guided it towards Janie’s tight litt...e butt hole. ‘Oh! Oh!’ moaned Janie, her face contorted with lust, as Davy’s cock touched her hole. ‘Just relax your ass,’ Sandy said soothingly. ‘Just relax and let his cock slide in.’ She turned and looked at Davy. ‘Push gently, very gently. We don’t want to rip her ass!’ Sandy looked down on Janie, her spread legs hoisted up by the ropes and. .." The four women all smiled, and Molly covered her mouth to avoid laughing out loud. " ... whenever I command him to." The others all nodded once more."Who here today wishes to become pregnant?"Nancy raised her hand timidly and curtseyed."Bill, lie down on your back..." When he did, she muttered, "I've got to take the edge off," and she proceeded to impale herself on his hard cock. "See? He's mine!" said Alison. She proceeded to hump up and down. "And he feels so good up there," she said. Having a woman watch me as I make myself cum is part of the fun, but once again, who is going to turn down a chance to cum in a willing mouth?! I stroked until I was about ready to cum, then moved above her and put the tip of my dick in her mouth and continued to stroke it, jacking off in her mouth until I was about to cum. Right before my orgasm I took my hand away and stuck my dick further in and let my load shoot into her waiting mouth! She began to squirm a little on the bed, obviously. Slowly peeling them off to dry myself out. As I sit there with the heat of the fire on my bare skin I can hear the wind blowing outside and I know I am alone on the hill. I watch the flames as they lick at the dry wood and consume it with a lustful greed. I must have fallen asleep because when I open my eyes the fire is low and there is someone else here. I feel him before I see him. I look down and there is a man sitting on the fur rug at my feet. His dark eyes and thick hair glow with the.

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