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She told me that she wants to be Chhaya and play this game with me. Also, she said that she has other fantasies like a threesome, group sex, etc. I al...o had a desire to do group sex someday and thought implementation this.The biggest question was to find a couple who is ready for it. In India, you won’t find people who are ready for group sex. But then I didn’t lose hope. I asked Smriti also to check and search for it. One day I had gone to a party with my friend (Ravi). He said that Shreya. .. The summer that didn’t get cancelled. Elaine was over and after a hot tub we threw on something light and sat around the fire pit. I had on a full length lace bodysuit, with a pair patent leather ankle boots and a black sweater over it. Elaine threw on a T-shirt that she says looked like a dress, but it was too short to really be a dress, but it worked for me. Then out of the blue Elaine asks me, “Isn’t that the outfit you wore n T¬-Bay when you went bar hopping to get laid in?”Close enough. Now there was a 6 inch long thick cock in front of me. When I approached, I said that such a big cock will not go in my mouth. The boss hurriedly put cock in my mouth and I was started coughing. After that I started kissing cock lovingly. he was making love with her tongue. I was having fun turning my tongue down and the boss was making sound ah ah ah ah ah ah sounds and I was having a lot of fun too then the boss picked me up and laid me on his desk and started taking off my pant i says the. I teased her about the strippers. "I saw you holding his cock - if the others hadn't been there you would have gone further I reckon" I told her. "Well, they did have lovely bodies and were very fanciable" she replied. I topped up her glass and left the room, coming back with Jeff and Dave, now dressed. Sue was most surprised. "I thought you had gone home" she said to them, blushing.Dave stood in front of her and said "we didn't have a chance to wish you a happy birthday - we thought we could.

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