It’s a party!”“When you’re done partying come and get me at the Hampton Inn,” I stood and turned to leave.“If I don’t come, it’ll be b...cause I’ve taken a real man home,” she said defiantly.“Deb. I’ve drawn a line. I know you’ve been cheating and I’ve chosen to not have you followed and get solid proof. But I’ve drawn a line and when you cross it, the results will be very bad for you and your lover.”“Where did you draw the line, big man?” She demanded to know.“I’m not going to tell you,” I said. She kissed the tip over and over again, her tongue occasionally flicking out and teasing me, each kiss was deeper than the last, her mouth opening, lips parting and letting my cock slowly enter her mouth. As her lips closed around my shaft I let out a little groan, my hands clasping at her hair as her lips slid down my shaft, her mouth engulfing my cock. One hand gently cupped my balls and gave the occasional squeeze, while the other stroked my shaft in unison with the movement of her lips up. Mom was yelling at him to shower and get dressed as the movie started in forty-five minutes. Avery was looking at me and smiling.“Finish your dinner, Jayden. As soon as they are gone, we will shower together. Then I will show you how to cum.”There was a pounding of feet on the stairs and Dad was still buttoning his shirt. He looked in at Avery and me.“Hi girls, no time to talk your mom is on a rampage to leave for the movie. See you later maybe. I don’t know when she will let me come home.”Dad. I don't think you plan to walk to the eight stories. I let you lead me aside. No one is watching as we slip into the side door.I pull you to me and fall back against the hard, cold concrete wall. You take the hint and crush my lips with yours. I want this to take forever but I'm too hot."This is an emergency." I whisper."A fire drill." You gasp."Use the hose." I fight your belt buckle for only a second while you lift my skirt and slip your fingers past my panties. "Put it out." So hot." You.

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