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Ben seemed to sense that as he removed Alex’s meat from his mouth and requested that he try the same on him. Ben slipped off his jeans and lay acros... the bed giving Alex the best angle at his cock. Alex looked at it for moments, debating whether or not he could break the taboo and take it into his mouth. Ben made up his mind for him by gently guiding his head down on his cock and moaning in joy. He immediately knew why some girls liked giving head so much. The ability to give someone so much. I reach up with two hands and softly pulled her foreskin back to expose a head that was almost pink and kissed it.My mind was going in overload mode now as she had the exact look that got to me. Really dark almost black foreskin, a light caramel color shaft, and a much lighter almost pinkish head. She was a solid 7” hard and I sucked and throated her as best I could. I knew why she had turned the light off as I am used to Hispanic girls being self-conscious about being really dark in their. I then slide another finger in her as I fingered her faster she started to breath harder. As I quicken my pace she keep trying to moan out something but she couldn’t. I felt her walls start to squeeze my fingers as I continued to finger her faster she let out a continues line of moans and cries of passion. She reached down grabbing my hand to make me stop as she went into a long hard orgasm. She just stayed there as she tried to catch her breath and shook with pleasure. “Oh, Fuck never had a. ”Davey knew there was no way he could do that. He was now sporting a full erection, and there would be no way he could hide it, or explain it, so he just said, “I think I’ll just go jump in the pool.”But as he stood up to make a dash for the water while keeping his back to his aunt, Abby grabbed his hand and his momentum spun him around… pointing the bulge in his trunks straight at his her face.“Oh my goodness,” Abby involuntarily exclaimed as she saw the enormous tent her nephew’s erection.

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