I knew it would be very difficult to face mother.I returned late that evening, unnecessarily strolling here and there not knowing where to go. Finally... I went home. Standing at the front door…with pounding heart I knocked the door. The door opened immediately. Najma was standing at the door. I looked at her in surprise; I didn’t expect her to be there. She should have been in her room…probably crying or sobbing. Her eyes appeared red…but certainly she wasn’t crying.‘Where’s ammi. .. oh yes, mummy... mmmm..." Then she was shaken back to reality by a hand touching her tits. She opened her eyes to see her mother smiling down at her."I see you have got the hang of it," she giggled, "does it feel good?" Oh fuck yes!" replied Karen, "it feels great. But I want you to do it to me. Please fuck me!"And with that, Karen let go of the vibrator, her mother taking charge. She bent down and kissed her daughter while ramming the vibrator deep inside her pussy. "Yes..." her mother. When I was securely bound Gabrielle lowered her head and kissed me on the lips, I had opened my mouth in anticipation of a French kiss, but all I got was a velvety touching of lips, and then she whispered into my ears, “Now pay attention bitch! Enjoy the sneak preview of what I have in store for you.”Meanwhile Paige had unpacked the strap-on and asked Gabrielle, “Would you like me to help you put this on?” She only nodded and I heard myself gasp in excitement. I’ve never felt so horny as I. Saturday night arrived and Kim and I arranged to meet Rich and his new girl at Lolas. Kim and I were the first to arrive. We sat at the bar and ordered a couple of frozen ones while we waited for Rich and Lauren to show. After about ten minutes I heard a voice behind me."You guys been waiting long?" I heard Rich ask."No, only about ten minutes." Kim answered.I turned around in my chair and was greeted by the blackest hair and bluest eyes I have ever seen."Al, I'd like you to meet Lauren." Rich.

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