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I slipped it on him and then sucked his sheathed cock to lube him again. I pulled him onto me as I wrapped my legs around his waist.He thrust himself ...nside me, knowing I would be wet. George leaned back and pinned his arms to the floor, to increase his angle in me and braced his feet on the mirrors behind him.He slowly started to slide in and out of me, just a few inches in me.I whimpered and moaned from the pleasure. Without warning he thrust deep inside of me, hitting my cervix. I screamed. His cock grew even larger, until he nearly blew his load in her mouth. “Wait, don’t suck me off yet…” he gasped. “I… want to fuck you, not just shoot in your mouth.”“Ok, then fuck me!” her voice husky, thick with lust. He lay on his back and watched as she lowered herself onto his hot ramrod. “MMmmmmmmm, that feels so goooood….” She said, almost delirious with pleasure. She moved up and down atop his cock, on the upstroke feeling just the tip quiver inside her; on the downstroke, mashing. She was in fact soaking wet and the smell of mixed male and female was strong. She bent her knees and squatting allowed me full access to her relaxed vagina. I licked it for about five minutes. My cock was rock hard when I stood up. She turned her back to me and told me to fuck her in the ass. With her shorts still pulled to the side I ran my hard on up her slick cunt to lube it and very carefuly worked in her tight butthole. I was so horny I came in less than two minutes. I pulled out after. Out of the blue, she was inviting Ray to come out to her cottage which was on a lake this coming Saturday. Ray had to politely turn down Pat's invitation but asked her to keep him in mind for another time.Dating these three women was great. What else could be a problem? Well, for one thing, Ray felt he was dating sisters. These are wonderful women but they had known each other for more than 20 years. They talk to each other frequently and Ray could only guess if they compare notes. Laughing to.

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