Kelly smiled and walked by the girl into the corner office.The secretary followed her in. “Are you Lieutenant General Jackson?” the girl asked. smiled and nodded. “Why are you wearing your uniform? Uniforms aren’t allowed at the War College!”Kelly held out her hand which the girl took in a limp grip. “I’m Kelly Jackson Callahan. What’s your name? I assume you are my secretary.”The girl was pretty but appeared very nervous. “How do you do, General? I’m Rita Nelson. Yes, I am your. I found out it was the same time I did.We had lunch together and talked. Patty told me that her mother and she had moved back here last week. Her mom had divorced her father as all they did was fight.Patty looked around then asked, “John why are all those girls giving me the evil eye?”“Forget about them,” I replied.I didn't want to brag about being a star on our football team. That would not have been polite. I told Patty to come to watch football practice after school. That my mother would. “I’m really happy you like ‘em, baby,” she said, hoping to sound coy, but she was staring right at her son’s enormously swollen cock bulge. It didn’t matter that it was the youngest dick she’d seen in years, it was still the biggest. Even under his briefs, Alison could tell her son’s cock was much bigger than Charles’, and even bigger than his father’s. And then, even though they were in a locked room inside a big, otherwise empty house, Alison’s voice dropped to a little more than a whisper.. .!! Uski awaz jyada na aaye is liye mene usake muh hath rakh dia aur lagatar dhakke dene laga…!!! Usaki chutt se aur ankho se lagatar pani beh raha tha…!! Aur me ruk ne ka naam nahi le raha tha..!!! Karib 20-25minut ki lagatat chudai k baad pure room me chudai ki mahek aane lagi…!!Ab usane bhi chillana bandh kar k response dene lagi…!!! Ab dono aur se chudai ho rahi thi….!!! Rat k karib 1.30 baje hue the…!! Dono pasine se chur ho chuke the.. fir mene use bithaya aur aapane aane ko kaha…!!!.

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