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Hormones she possessed seemed to “explore” areas of her body she never knew even existed. She wanted him, badly. She had to have it all more then ...ver. It was worse then ever as he kept on kissing her and even moving that tongue of his around her. Finally, she felt it. They fell to the bed. Okay, so what if they were only sitting down. He still kissed her. It still felt…Ohhh freaking God, she said to herself as the internal gauge inside of her rose and even rose higher. It felt as if she. “I have yet to see you wear makeup. You dress in plain jeans and denim shirts, yet you will never be able to hide the fact that you have a beautiful face and a sexy body... “Even in the western store that day, the woman clerk thought you were some famous rodeo celebrity. Don’t you see? Even women recognize that you’re naturally beautiful and see you as being sexy as hell, even when you’re trying on western clothes for the first time in your life.”“Wade?”“Yes?”“Will you do me a favor and carry. She seems entirely at ease, being here." Nice to hear," he said."Oh, and she said to tell you that you had beautiful children." Tell her Dan and I think she has beautiful children, too."On Tuesday, Susan and the children had taken Alissa on a tour of the inner harbor and the aquarium, and on Wednesday the four of them drove to Washington for a brief look at the nation's capital. It was Alissa's first time in Washington since her high school class' senior trip.On the way home after a long day in. "Its okay, darling," she said reassuringly. "Everything's going to be alright." Her smile suddenly faded. "We'll work through this whole thing together." Damn right we will, ' came the masculine voice from the bottom of the bed. I looked down and saw my dad standing at the bottom of the bed.I was into the hospital for a week and then I was released. I still had a few bruises but otherwise I was okay physically. Mentally, I was a wreck.I stayed at home for a week, never leaving the house. My.

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