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" Uhm... Like what?" Does it make you fingers tingle or anything?" Joey asked."No. It feels like a coin. Why?" I'll tell you after everyone has a turn...holding it," I said.Mick passed it to Scooter, then it went to Paul, and finally Jerry. None of them felt anything unusual."Oh, well. Nice try, Tim," Joey said."I'm hungry. Are you going to tell us or not?" Paul said, irritated."I'm going to do something kinda unusual, so just stay cool, okay? Ready?" I said.Then I thought to all of them, "Guys,. And I am the only young guy in the department. We are total 5males and 4females.And all are almost equal age, we all make jokes and parties with each other. After drinking in the parties the girls sometimes comes out with adult jokes and it was usual in the group, but new to me.Let me now tell you about Sheetal, she is 5ft 4in tall, fair lady with the perfect body shape to be fucked. Sheetal is married and has two years old son. She and I was working on one project so I got quit close to her,. " She showed me a passage, one quite familiar tome -- in fact, one of my favorite passages from one of my favoritefantasies in the book. "Lick or tongue a girl's p-- down there, andshe'll love you forever. Any girl, any age."I stood there flabbergasted, my mouth opening and closing noiselessly.My little sister, my baby sister, Ruth?!She continued confidentially, "She'll love being kissed and licked allover. Neck, breasts, elbows, knees... On the other hand..." Shepaused, turned to another. Looking down she did look better with my cum all over her face and I wasn’t intending to lick it off.“Wow! So much cum” Jade said as she wiped her face and started to lick her fingers, “Yummy” and then Lisa gave her a heling finger not wanting to miss out on desert.I was starting to go soft when Lisa reached across and took my cock into her mouth, I could feel the suction as she started to pull every last drop out of me, my knees were trembling.I was drained and sat back down in my chair,.

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Fuckud priya

Fuckud priya

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