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(I couldn't tell her where we were really going). Johnny said that would be great and that's where the story begins... Chapter 1It was a cold Saturday...night in January. It had just turned 6:00pm, and I was anxiously awaiting Johnny's arrival to meet my mom for dinner. We prepared a magnificent turkey dinner with all the trimmings. Mom had just lit the candles at the table when the doorbell rang. I rushed to the door and I invited him into the foyer. Johnny was wearing a scarlet and gray cap and. Beyond them, past thestage is the biggest crowd of people I have ever seen my life. On TV,crowds in the stadium don't seem so big, I guess because you can't seethe entire stadium in one look.Now, however, I can see the entire field of people and the ring of themthat surrounds us. This is what 100,000 people look like, and soundslike, an ocean of faces, rippling like water being touched by a wind.The cheer I get is deafening. It pushes on me, like walking into a wind.It makes me want to run. She kisses the side as she presents it to Sarah, “C’mon, the big boy’s ready to go...” as Batman cups Sarah’s breasts in his hands, “Just relax.”Sarah sits on the sink with her legs spread wide. Penny helps guide his massive girth with her hand. Sarah gasps and holds her breath while he spreads her wide. Her tight hole refuses to take in his length, only slowly yielding inch by inch. The pain soon gave way to pleasure as she becomes accustomed to his very thick girth. She wraps her arms around. And it wasn't just any woman, either. It was the one who had given him a blow job in front of his class. She cared for him. It was time for him to show her how much he cared for her."I'm sure any of us would be only too happy to report such promiscuity among the staff, Mr. Elliot." "Thanks. I knew I could count on all of you. Hell, it's rough enough trying to run herd on these young hellions of students. All the time running off behind the bushes. You know." "Yes, sir. We know. And we won't be.

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