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“Whoa, whoa, settle down, Rob.”“Tell HER to settle down,” Rob waved at his mother. “Robbie, you’re not being fair…” Amanda started, bu... Lenny cut her off. “NO, Rob, I’m telling YOU to settle down.” Lenny got right in his face. “Y’hear?”Rob clenched his teeth, and his fists, then raised his hands, open palms, in surrender. “Fine.”“Okay. So what’s the problem here?” Lenny turned to ask Amanda.“Robbie’s grounded,” Sally said, in a teasing voice.“YOU stay out of this!” Rob yelled. “Sally, please…”. He stretched my little pussy using a large (really large) anal plug. He instructed me to ride and fuck it on His bed as He watched. He told me to keep fucking it until i squirted all over His comforter. i did as instructed. On my knees, my ass towards Him and He watched me. i lowered myself onto the large toy rubbing my clit as i slowly did. Feeling it pressing into me through my parted pussy lips, i felt the rushing warmth pulse throughout my body. It feels so good, i moan as my body, my. Taking a break from Rod's dick, I went down on his balls and began licking them, while stroking his cock. I could hear Rod responding, as he seemingly liked me licking his balls. I wanted to go for his ass, as I love to lick or caress a man's asshole during blowjob sessions (and the right guy, I love fingering his prostate to orgasm him at the moment he's cumming), but I knew I couldn't do that the first time out, especially if he's a married straight guy who doesn't want to think of the fact. Oh, yeah, putting a gentle hand behind her blonde, pretty head, he’d love to cum in her mouth and watch her swallow his cum. He could only imagine his big sister’s best friend blowing him while he fondled her tits and fingered her nipples. Wow, now that’s hot. Only, he knew that his sister, Kathy, wouldn’t like the idea of him fooling around with her best friend. If she ever discovered that he not only saw Miranda naked but also had sex with her by hypnotizing her, she’d disown him as a.

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