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It was rote, but we enjoyed it nonetheless. Nothing on the television interested us until a documentary on children. Then Tammy began her nightly cry....hildren. " That's what I never got a chance to give Michael," she said tearfully." You were married for less than a year, honey. You were both so young; how can you expect to have mothered kids when you were both still enjoying your youth?" But I wanted kids, Daddy. And Mike did too. I wanted to give him kids, many kids. At least I would have. “That is for every parent to decide. Everyone matures a little differently. Kids that grow up with two gay parents may be influenced by what they see but as long as they love each other does it matter if they have two moms or two dads?” Eddie asked us. It was a rhetorical question.Eddie explained that everyone picks up on their parent’s behavior. “I’ve known enough girl’s with daddy issues to know that!” the Director chuckled. Lindsay put her finger in her mouth like she was going to gag. Let me tell you something about her. She is 38 years old. She has a figure that any man in the village would die for. As she is a housewife and living in the village since long, she is fit and fair. She is almost 36-34-38. Yes, that’s her ass the most favorite part of mine. So coming back to the sex story. I went there without informing her as I wanted to surprise her. I reached her home almost in the afternoon when her husband, my mausaji mostly remains in the field. I knocked the door. She. ‘I… Uh…’ ‘It’s cool. Trust me, I wouldn’t do these shoots if I didn’t already have an idea as to what people would do with the pictures. I suppose you wouldn’t mind an autograph?’ ‘That would be great!’ ‘Cool. I’ll trade you an autograph for the use of your land line?’ ‘My land line? Sure. What’s up?’ ‘My car broke down. I need to get a hold of a mechanic. I saw one a couple of blocks away, just need to call one of them to get a ride out of here.’ Nodding, I moved over to my kitchen and found.

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