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Amelia, quiet and relaxed in sleep, was younger, her face missing the influence of her personality. Small nostrils flared gently with each silent brea...h. Short, dark hair, still roughly cut, had a silken texture, darker streaks adding shade and depth to the color. In repose, her mouth changed, lips more lush; a bowed upper, the lower more plump.For half an hour I studied her and found beauty that touched me deeply. If Rufus hadn’t woken, I could have watched Amelia for as long as she’d have. I took them back to my room and packed. I gently closed the connecting door. Then, I took my case and rolled it out into the corridor. Moments later, she rolled her case out of the room and came to me. “Good morning, Brian.”“Good morning, Laura. I hope you slept well.”“Yes, I did. My dreams were sweet.” I nodded and pulled her to me and gave her a simple kiss. There were people in the corridor as the rest of our party started their day. We all went into the lobby to find that Dorothy and Helen. I aided Chuck in loosening my belt, and Chuck started to kiss me along my chest. Sucking gently at my nipples and working his way down to my navel, where he tarried long enough to free my pants and slid my underwear and pants below my waist. My cock was exposed and starting to show signs of life, Chuck took hold of my cock and started to stroke my cock. With a move so swift my cock was captured in his mouth so quick I could do nothing but moan in ecstasy. Chuck was sucking my cock with suck. Okay?" For sure." Trance." She slowly melted into a naked heap. I looked at my watch. It was now nine. I had to finish with these three if I was to get any more."Ashley wake up and get dressed. Do not discuss what happened with anyone. Do you understand?" Yes."I woke up Greg and Heather and told them to call at 11:05 and 11:10. They would be fun. I hustled them out of the house and got ready for more. It was much slower. I was outside getting ready to quit when couple walked up. They were not.

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