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" Megan froze in fear for the first time. "How did you know about him, that was supposed to be private?" she said in a subdued tone."Oh I know everyth...ng. About you and Carlo fucking. About you and Maria betraying me with your unnatural perversions. But worst of all you spit on me and on our marriage when you shared your nakedness, your lovely precious body with a complete stranger. A sick weirdo who does nothing but fiddle with his tiny pecker and write filthy stories about rape and incest. I. Aaj lagta hai koi aur exercise karne ka man lagta hai aapka……hahhaaa…..”I teasingly asked her “achchha to tumhin bata do kaun si exercise karne ka man lag raha hai mera…”She said “Hahahaha………..jiju apko didi ki help ki zaroorat hai wohi apko achchhe se exercise karwa degi….”I said “lekin aaj tumhari didi to yahan par hai nahin chalo tumhin help kar do” There was total silence for one minute. I was anxiously waiting for her answer. She blushed for a moment and after thing she smilingly said. "This is unexpected ... an unexpected pleasure."Trennan smiled tightly and bowed his head respectfully. "I do hope I did not catch you at a bad time." Ah, not at all, Trennan," said Freya. She smiled and tugged her dress down around her thighs, smoothing it out with a few quick swipes. "But I did not know you were here until you sent one of my slaves to fetch me. My guards did not inform me that you arrived at the gate." I came by Portal, Freya," said Trennan as he stepped away from the door. I quickly agreed, so she put it in and sat back where she had previously sat. As she watched I looked over at her and she had her legs spread wider than before. I rolled over on my back and acted like I was yawning making sure she had noticed how hard my cock was under my pants, I reached in again as to slowly stroke myself and could feel the cum dripping from my cock. I also sensed her playing with herself moving around frantically on the chair she was sitting on.I wanted to jack off for her.

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