" Both girls smiled at me as I tried to hide my smile. "I cantell you're ready to wear some lipstick and mascara sweetie." Stop it Michelle, I don't k...ow why, but for some reason I want to seehow I look with some make up." The girls giggled and drank down therest of their coffee. After eating some breakfast and taking a long shower I was once againwrapped tightly into my corset. I slid on my shiny Pantyhose and heelsand Michelle invited me over to the table full of makeup. Michelle satme down. Hank often recalled that very sexy first sexual experience with Amanda, and the images of what she looked like as they began to make out and how she looked as he made moves and caresses of her body that led them into making love would never leave his memory. He had quickly gotten Amanda naked that night, and he had taken in her physical beauty and the amazingly hot reality that not only was his 16-year old daughter very pretty and very sexy, but also that she welcomed his sexual advances and. "So that's all decided, you wantyours to look just like that?"With a dry mouth I just nodded.As Sasha went to work I heard Stephie sigh, more a moan really and when Ipeeked across Mia was stroking her cock. "You are right Sasha this doesfeel so nice, and it makes it look so much bigger."It looked bigger because it was growing and stiffening in her hand.Stephie stepped back. "You have to stop or this won't get finished."Mia giggled. "Hmm I suppose you are right."By that time Sasha was already. .. But hell yes, I swear on Josie’s name, if our baby is a girl, and I swear on J. Ross McKerkey’s name if we have a boy.”“Does that J stand for Josey?”“Yes, but no one will ever know it doesn’t stand for James Ross McKerkey, except you, me, and Mom.”“I love you, Juliet and I want you to invest about six million in your name, just to help take care of all the babies you and I are going to have. My total cash leaving here will be about twelve hundred pounds, including what I brought to the.

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