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He turned to Marion."The repairer says he can make the repair, but warned me that it will not last long as the only thing he can do is glue it. I owe you a pair of shoes." Marion smiled and put her hand on his arm."Don't worry about it, Guy. A day supposedly for window shopping has turned into an adventure. As you were the catalyst that started the adventure I should be thanking you." I must insist, Marianne." He used her pseudonym. "Adventure or not I was clumsy and the reparation. Wade helped you get over that, didn't he?"She nodded. That's exactly what he had done. He bridged the time between the grieving and the next stage of her life. But ... what was that next stage? She couldn't see anything on the horizon. Marietta would be in school and Pete Jr. would be in kindergarten and she could have some time for herself. But what about the rest of her life? There had to be more than just raising kids and keeping house to look forward to. She loved them dearly but she had a. But she was alone, way more alone than I previously understood. And I was alone, although maybe less so that her. And she was very attractive, and very naked, and my other head was screaming, “Do it, do it!” I walked over to her, and extended my hand to her. She put her hand in mine, and I pulled her up. She was every bit as desirable as I had imagined. She reached up on her tip toes, and kissed me. Decision made. I reached out to embrace her, but she shivered and pushed me away. Had I. Jeff, we need to move back home. Sean remains calm, Rachel, we have a contract on your house. We need the money for the wedding. What wedding! Angrily, Rachel! Jeff suggests, Whats the big deal. Let me have my room now, if it bothers you. Im not sleeping with that monster! Get a grip, Mom. No. You go downstairs. Jeff doesnt move. Now! When Jeff leaves, Rachel slams the door, turning angrily toward Sean, Youre just like Fred! No wonder you like him. You pervert! Rachel. Rachel. Rachel. Lay down..

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