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On the screen, an incredibly beautiful young girl was hanging from the overhead beam in a dungeon, stripped to the waist, her lovely large knockers bo...ncing wildly with each hard blow of the torturer’s thick whip!And Billy was eating it up!Julie could see the bulge throbbing in his pants!Why wasn’t he holding her? Why wasn’t he trying to touch her tits or feel up under her skirt or even just kiss her? What the fuck was wrong with her!Oh! OH! OHHHHH!She had never said that terrible word. She rested afterwards but still Jakob fucked her hard. “C’mon, Jessie, you can do better that that. Let’s have another before I cum. C’mon.” He lowered his head to kiss her, something she avidly welcomed as she once again began to grind her clit into him. She wrapped her legs around his waist and squeezed, increasing the pressure on her clit. She was rubbing it hard—really, really hard when it hit her with sudden force. She screamed as the orgasm sped through her body in a gigantic wave.. . "well that "bitch" is my sister" he said. Olive started choking on her apple bite, "bastard" she said and threw the apple at him which hit some fat girl... "don't eat me" Olive said kinda scared and serious... The fat girl started chasing her. "I DOnt taste like olivesssssssssssss" she yelled. Later on... Olive met up with me... I laughed and looked at Olive. "are you ok?" I asked, "yah after all she just wanted my pussy and after that said it kinda tasted like Olives which I don't. This seemed to satisfy her and she explained that men my age really didn't need annual exams unless there was a specific medical issue and that I should see her at age 50 for some tests and a "thorough exam" but that today she would just give me a brief checkup. I told her of my concern about skin cancer because I am fair skinned (as is she). So she listened to my heart and looked in my ears and nose and tested my reflexes and then had me expose different portions of my body while she perused.

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