When Jennifer was 16 she heard sometimes 2 or more people are bathed for convenience on occasions.. She was afraid this would happen to her again and ...he would be put in a bathroom with another woman. Or worse, a man. It is especially bad if its a younger boy. She just came out of puberty and having a younger boy see her would be really disturbing. One time a boy and a girl of 13 were bathing together and the girl rebelled only to end being spanked and crying, further humiliating her. The boy. Naanum avalin aadaiyai sirithu konde kayatinen, en mulaiyai vida thozhi mulai perithaaga irunthathu mulai kaambum neendu irunthathu.Aval muthalin en sexyaana mulaiyil vaai vaithu sappa aarambithaal, en mulai kaambu neendu ilamal irunthathu. Athu sirithaaga irunthathu, athai naakal naki sappi suvaithaal. Enaku muudaga irunthathu, pinbu naan avalin mulai kaambai vaaiyil vaithu urinthu kadithu sappinen. Appozhuthu aval parkal padamal sappu endru sonnal.Naanum appadiye seithen, pinbu en pentyil kai. Despite the generous offers from private defense contractors, you were required to serve a six year term to reimburse the state for raising you. It wasn't all bad, you turned twenty during your second year on the Grendel, a massive troop carrier, and were promoted to second engineer of the reactor room. That was a pretty cool job -until the attack.During a patrol your ship was boarded by a Draykchin slaving party. It went very wrong, all the support team died in an explosion and the reactor. The beaches of California were so much moreluxurious than the streets of Boston. It was completely new.But starting school was the worst part. My first day of high school cameand I had no idea who I was going to be talking to our hanging out with.I thought it was going to be a disaster. Walking through the doors Iglanced around very meekly, hoping someone would help me.And someone did."What's your name?" a pretty brown haired girl, looking a little olderthan me said looking down at me."I'm....

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