I got happy on seeing her satisfied by my kissing.Then I kissed and licked very very hardly and with a full force in her joints near the vagina of her... That longed for atmost 15 minutes she rised up and down very hardly in that kissing and finally exploded with her vaginal fluid blasted in the bedsheet. I came up on her and done a different experiment for orgasm.With my penis’s tip I rubbed the top end of her nipple with a full force and with middle finger of my hand rubbed her another nipple.. ’ Most of the lights were turned off now. I sat on the darkened set for nearly twenty minutes waiting for Karen. Eventually she tiptoed back onto the set and sat beside me. I could tell she had been crying, her eyes looking reddened even in the gloom of the studio. ‘Why the drama queen scene sweetheart?’ I asked her quietly. ‘I’ll always listen to your concerns or ideas if you come to me, but I can’t have you shouting at me on set, and I can’t go running after you. If I do it’ll ruin my. I've been caught a few times and the punishments have gotten more severe each time.Hearing Daddy's keys in the door always made me wet. He was taking his time and I was struggling to not run to the door and throw it open, but Daddy said I needed to learn patience. I'm not permitted to leave the carpet until I'm released. The door opened slowly and Daddy closed and locked the door. He walked past me and laid his briefcase and dirty turnout gear on the living room table behind me.I hated this.. Luckily I had a pair of boots which were about his size as well, so I took the lot into the spare bedroom and left him to it. I choose some patterned stockings and a saucy black skirt myself and was sitting doing my makeup when he came in and for a second I thought it was somebody else who had come in the house. He’d chosen some sheer black stockings and a fairly short skirt to go with the boots and as he is very slim and feminine looking and has his hair quite long, he looked really good even.

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Striping at home

Striping at home

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