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"I've been telling my friends about your new status, sissy and invitedthem over to see for themselves" Mandy explained. Don could not believethat Man...y was sharing what he thought was their personal lives with herfriends. His humiliation had only been with Mandy, except for the onetime her co-worker had come by. Now he wondered who knew and how hecould face friends not knowing who Mandy had told or who knew. "Sissyshow them the gift I gave you several weeks ago" she instructed."Mistress?". He wears a Torvie helm. He carries a 26′ short sword in his right hand pointed at Reds shoulder, A 36′ round Shield on his left Arm, a quiva in his right boot and another in a sheath on his left Forearm and a tomahawk in the ft of belt. He adopts a ‘T’ stance left foot facing HIM and right foot back slightly less than shoulder width apart. He looks over to his opponent measuring the distance at about 10 feet* Red Hawk stands 6 ft 185 lbs I stand 7 ft kaiila lance in right hand over shoulder. So, a little patience is necessary. It is a love story, actually three love stories. I hope you will be rewarded for your time and trouble. To understand the story, you need to read the Prologue first. So, look it up under my name in the Author Index before proceeding with this Chapter. All of the major characters are completely fictional and bear no resemblance to actual people, living or dead. Incidentally, Literotica calls the Prologue, Chapter 1. So, Chapter 12 you see here will be listed. "I can't recall a better party." It's been a while," Vicky agreed. "I went to some in college that were pretty good, but usually they turned pretty drunk. I don't think anyone got totally wasted tonight. A couple got a little close, though." It's not the drunkest party I've ever been to," Emily smiled. "That had to have been when you turned twenty-one." How would you know?" Vicky snorted. "You were pregnant with J.J., I think it was, so you were the designated driver. You couldn't have gotten.

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