“Now this is going to hurt,” Lisa had warned, as she had rubbed the strips along the cooling wax, “but it will be worth it”. Lisa had yanked t...e strips quickly away and firmly applied her hand to the now naked area of Ellie’s red pussy lips. “Shhh” she cooed as Ellie absorbed the pain, “It will all be worth it and besides a little bit of pain is fun.”Standing still under Dylan’s silent appraisal, Ellie was pleased she had made the effort. Before she could rationalise her behaviour Ellie. She had been fed the finest of aphrodisiacs and delights to the palate, her bath was prepared with crushed lavender and mint, aromatic and soothing, delicately fragrant. She was read to from the book of whoredom, she had been sung songs of the lake and the forest and the ram and the moon. Then, wrapped in ermine, she was escorted to the nearby mating chamber. It was here, in the glow from the fireplace at the far end of the room, that the aphrodisiacs started to take effect. The lesser. Both of them went to the adjoining bedroom next to the one where Vedha was sleeping. I went for the ventilation . Since the ceiling was not very high I could get a good view. It was not very clear but I could make out everything. She said that it was wrong but Mohan told her that he wanted to make love to her. Immediately he embraced her and she did not resist him I was very aroused with the happenings She was wearing a nightie He kissed her passionately in her mouth. Slowly they both sat on. ” I agreed. I crawled up beside her and wrapped my one leg around her. Her body faced me. Naturally, in that position her breasts folded and squeezed together. I caressed my hand up and down her swelled tits, admiring every millimeter. Shalini kissed me softly on my lips and slowly closed her eyes. I felt like I was lying beside a goddess.I woke up to discover a sheet around my body, my clothes lay perfectly on the bedside but my Aunt Shalini was missing. It felt like I had been asleep for.

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